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showhideWhat type of mould do I need? What choice do I have?

If you are not sure what mould type suits you best, contact us. Together we can discuss the requirements for your project and choose the optimal solution.

showhideIs my part design ready to be moulded?

If we find some part element that cannot be physically manufactured, we will suggest a modification that is optimal for the project, and we will send it for your approval.

showhideWho manufactures the mould and who produces parts ?

The whole manufacturing chain, starting from a design phase, injection mould production, and finally finished parts is made in our plant. That is why we are able o offer the highest quality of service. You don’t have to worry where and who is making your mould.

showhideWhat moulds guarantee do you provide?

We provide full mould guarantee for its whole operation process in our plant. Whatever type of mould is ordered, clients are never limited in terms of the quantity of parts.

showhideHow many parts can I produce with a low-budget mould? Is ordering more parts in the future related to additional costs?

A low budget mould is not a synonym for a prototype mould, that is manufactured to produce certain parts quantity. We guarantee the production of every number of parts defined by clients’ demand.

showhideDoes cheaper mean lower quality?

Of course not! Every mould that is produced in our plant is manufactured with attention to the smallest details. There is no place for compromise in terms of quality. Lower prices do not come from lower quality, they are related to construction solutions that are implemented.

showhideHow does the quoting process look like?

Every mould is quoted individually, however we can define a few fundamental questions that to some extent will define the quotation process. How many parts does a client need? What tolerances are required? How fast does a customer need his parts? Having answers to the above mentioned questions we are able to propose a mould type that is optimized to clients’ needs.