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3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering

Optical measuring technology is gradually becoming an industry standard. Today the measurement data obtained from a 3D scanner is an essential tool for quality control in modern production processes.
Our Measurement Lab is equipped with GOM ATOS scanner that enables us to obtain reliable and repeatable results for small and medium sized objects. It is an indispensable tool for improving process quality control while reducing the time of product evaluation.
All measurements are carried out in an air-conditioned room in order to maintain the consistency of results.
The credibility of our measurements is confirmed by numerous certificates from companies such as DECOM Prüflabor, HOFFMANN GROUP Calibration, Oelze.

The scanner is a surface measurement system. That means we can obtain large amount of measurement data during a single scanning process. This in turn provides us with accurate results in a very short time. Measurement error varies in the range 0.01-0.03 mm depending on the size of the scanned object. In contrast to traditional methods, where calibration is performed from time to time, here it is repeated with every scan, so that the measurement results are more accurate.

The scanner is used for quality control throughout the whole mold construction. This allows us to verify each stage of the process and introduce necessary changes in advance. It can also be used to evaluate injected samples during production or while the mold is still being tested.

Scanner software offers an option to compare the obtained scan with the CAD model. This gives us an advantage over classic measuring machines, because we immediately get a picture of displacement in each direction. This allows us to quickly verify the quality and dimensional shaping of the measured item.

3D scanner is ideal for reverse engineering. The collected data is projected as a cloud of points, which is a three-dimensional image of the scanned object. This gives us the ability to create virtual assemblies make it possible to detect the collision and check parts fitting.

Moreover Reverse Engineering module in CATIA v6 enables us to convert the data from the scanner to CAD models (surface and solid bodies).