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Pre-production Moulds


These are rapid, single cavity cold runner moulds, also known as pilot or test moulds. Depending on their design, pre-production moulds can work in either automatic or semi-automatic cycle, and require some additional procedures in order to demould injected parts. They are manufactured in FADO standard and are adapted to work only in our plant – they cannot be exploited elsewhere.
Pre-production moulds are a good choice when we need to start production of parts in the shortest time possible, well before the production tool is ready. Bridge tooling is a perfect solution when a client needs their parts as soon as possible and there can be no compromise in terms of part quality.
Another typical application of pre-production moulds is verification of design, material shrinkage, deformations or air-vents. In the case of complex projects, predicting all factors determining the final quality of a part is often possible only after carrying out a series of tests. Moldflow analysis together with software deformation compensation allows for defining some tendencies, however if we need to know exactly how the material will behave in the mould insert, we suggest a pre-production mould. Once the collected data is used for mould modifications, elements of the pre-production mould can be used to manufacture the target production tool.



suitable for tens of thousands of parts production – ideal for bridge tooling
no limitations in terms of part quality or material type (surface quality, tolerances)
70% of part geometries can be produced in a matter of a few days, up to 4 weeks