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Moldflow Analysis


FADO is a certified used of Moldflow simulation software

Moldflow™ software makes it possible to analyse most events taking place during the injection process. Obtaining this data allows us to foresee potential problems and introduce modifications to both the part and the moulding inserts during the design stage. This, in turn, reduces the probability of making further costly modifications after the initial trials.

The software’s database is equipped with nearly 10,000 plastic materials, so it rarely happens that we are not able to perform analysis on the target material.
The main benefits of the analysis of the injection molding process simulation:

• detection of the injection mold heat centres allows for optimization of the cooling system which in turn leads to a reduction in cycle time and increased efficiency of the mold;
• analysis of the cooling channels with arbitrary cross-sections (conformal channels ;
• optimasing the location of the injection point
• defining the place where air traps may occur thats helps design correct venting system in mold;
• simulation results can detect the occurrence of the welding line so that it is possible to verify their presence in critical points of the element;
• deformation results inform on whether the item will be located in the specified dimensional tolerances by the client;
• based on the distribution of the injection pressure and holding pressure it is possible to predict the clamping force for the analyzed part
• runner balancing ensures complete repeatability of parameters for each mold cavity;
• the ability to generate counter deformation levelling the final deformation of molding part;
• verification of the material chosen for the dimensional and rheological parameters;
• DoE analysis allows us to provide for the production of well-defined parameters for the workpiece in order to maximize productivity and achieve the highest possible quality;
• minimasing the time of the injection mold tests through the analysis parameters supplied from the simulation;
• deformation analysis of molding cores helps to optimize filling pattern and mold design;
• the ability to export data to FEM software programs such as: ANSYS , ABAQUS, etc.
• sequential injection analysis allows precise optimization of the parameters and placement of injection points in order to fully mask the welding line
• analysis orientation of the glass fiber helps to optimize deformation