Offer CoolingCare – Efficient cleaning of polluted cooling circuits

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CoolingCare – Efficient cleaning of polluted cooling circuits

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Automatic device for cleaning, diagnostics and maintenance of mold cooling channels


myjks slajd na strone2Automatic work –  operators are only required to connect the mold and define the channels to be cleaned

A unique design allowing for independent and efficient cleaning of channels regardless of their length and diameter

Advanced archiving system supporting the correct mold maintenance throughout the whole mold operation time

High pulsation dynamics of cleaning allows for use of less aggressive cleaning media, safe for steel, aluminum, copper and bronze

Intelligent monitoring of the cleaning process – the device recognizes when the desired flow rate values are reached and finishes cleaning before the appointed time

A dedicated cleaning mode for clogged cooling lines

Inbuilt detection of flow rate anomalies

The diagnostics function enabling the user to define and store the model of flow parameters for a given channel – such data can serve as a reference point for the subsequent cleaning

Different cleaning programs, combined with full data archiving capability assigned to a particular mold, allow to keep track of proceeding system changes