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Injection Moulds Design

Moulds Design

We have been producing moulds for more than 30 years. For 24 years, we have been gathering experience connected with operating moulds in a production environment on injection machines. Such experience allows us to systematically improve our offerings. Moulds made in FADO work for millions of cycles. Additionally, if a client decides to produce parts in our plant, they carry a lifetime guarantee.

MOLDFLOW™ analysis

Every plastic material is characterised by its own, unique warpage and shrinkage deformations, that must be taken into consideration while designing a mould. Moldflow™ software makes it possible to analyse most events taking place during the injection process. Obtaining this data allows us to foresee potential problems and introduce modifications to both the part and the moulding inserts during the design stage. This, in turn, reduces the probability of making further costly modifications after the initial trials. The software database includes almost 10.000 types of materials.

Part Counter-Deformation in moulding inserts

It may be impossible to choose such injection parameters that will guarantee the complete removal of shrinkage deformations. These deformations to some degree depend on pressure differences in various areas of a moulding insert, as well as unstable cooling system. If they exceed the allowable tolerances, it is necessary to reverse them in during while designing the insert.
Classic methods of making counter-deformations in moulds meant trial and error approach until the desired tolerances were reached. Thanks to modern technologies available today, such as injection simulation and 3D design we are able to speed up the whole process by implementing counter-deformations during the design stage.

Designing complex cooling systems

Whenever our clients need to reduce cycle time, as well as improve the dimensional accuracy of a part, we design moulding inserts equipped with conformal cooling channels built in DMLS technology. Every insert goes through thermographic analysis combined with optimalisation of cooling medium flowrate parameters. It is possible thanks to our test site for controlling the efficiency of mould cooling.