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Our toolshop is equipped with technologically advanced machinery required for modern mould manufacturing. While building tools we combine traditional subtractive methods with innovative additive manufacturing, which allows us to create complex constructions in the shortest time possible. Our toolshop is equipped with a machine for laser melting of metal powders that is used among others to build moulding inserts with conformal cooling channels.
Thanks to advanced simulation software such as Autodesk Moldflow and Catia Realistic Shape Optimiser, we are able to foresee potential problems related to difficult part geometries, and counteract on the design stage, that makes it possible to avoid a number of problems in further manufacturing stages.
The control of the most important machining process parameters together with time required to make it is carried out on every stage of production. Modern measuring solutions introduced with a 3D scanner, as well as measuring devices enable us to exclude most of the problems that might occur during the manufacturing process.
In order to provide high machining precision and keep tight tolerances we use EROWA mounting systems, that guarantee mounting repeatability within the range of 0,002mm.
Depending on clients’ needs we produce moulds dedicated to short series production as well as high volume production. Moulds manufactured and operated in our company have lifetime guarantee.

Quality policy

In order to provide our clients with the highest service standards, we work in accordance with ISO 9001. The quality of offered elements is controlled in dedicated quality control department. Apart from standard equipment we have a WENZEL XCITE measuring machine and GOM ATOS 3D scanner. This equipment allows us to control quality by obtaining precise measurements, generating measurement reports, deviation maps and cross section inspections. In addition, all CNC machines are equipped with Renishaw measuring probes.
In order to control the part production process, we implemented a full statistical control of the injection process, that is made on our injection machines monitoring system. Thanks to this control we can be sure of the high and repeatable quality of produced parts.