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Prototype Moulds

Prototype Moulds

Every new product has to go through a testing phase before it is approved for sales. Omitting this stage often leads to costly withdrawal of the product from the market. 3D printed prototypes, although good for validating aesthetical, visual or functional features of a part, are not able to reflect e.g. its real mechanical properties. In this situation the optimal solution is a prototype mould, which allows for production of injected parts using injection parameters recommended by raw materials suppliers. This remark is not without a purpose. 3D printed moulds, made of resins or plastic materials mixed with various fillers cannot be used for production with proper injection parameters. The limitations include types of available materials (flow temperature), injection parameters (injection & hold pressure), thermal profile of the process (of both a part and a mould). It doesn’t mean 3D printed moulds are of no use, however the materials they are made of make their applications rather limited.
A prototype mould technology is chosen to minimise the mould manufacture costs, yet it meets the clients’ requirements in terms of the quantity of parts to be produced. In reality it means after the required batch of parts is made, the mould in not fit for further production. It is also important to remember prototype moulds should be relatively inexpensive, therefore we consciously resign from certain part features. These are usually higher tolerances, surface quality or shrinkage deformations, but these aspects are always considered with regard to individual projects. Our focus is quick realisation time, mechanical properties of manufactured parts and mould price. QUOTATION


manufacture of limited (max 100/150 pcs) number of injected parts to verify some of their functional of material properties
quick realisation time
mould manufacture technology and mould lifespan are adjusted to the number of ordered parts
certain part features, such as high tolerances or surface finish are less relevant


For prototype Moulds we offer production of parts in the following choice of plastic materials:

List of available materials
Material type Manufacturer’s Brand Name
PC  Lexan 143R
PA6  Akulon 6D
PA6 GF30%  Altech C2030
 PET  Ramapet N1S
 PA66 GF30%  Technyl A218 V30
PP homo  PP Moplen HP 456J
PP kopo  Tippen 499K
POM  Schulaform 9D
POM  Derlin 100 P NC101
ABS  Terluran  GP 35
ABS  Magnum 8391
PE HD  PE HA Hostalen GC 7260 Catalogue Nr. PE HD 01
PE HD Malene-Fabs 23D-22
PS w/u Syntos 552N