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Insert-only Moulds


DSC_6532We offer production of parts based on moulding inserts fitted in our ready-to-use, pre-manufactured universal bolsters. Clients don’t have to bear all the tool manufacturing costs and pay for inserts only – this way they can save substantial amount of money on their investments. This solution is optimal when you need your parts quickly and would like to reduce the costs of entering the market with a new product.
Our bolsters are compatible with injection machines with clamping forces between 80 and 160 tonnes. In the case of manufacturing inserts in DMLS technology, the maximum size of an insert is 250x250x290mm. QUOTATION


clients pay only for the inserts – minimisation of investment cost
no limitations in terms of part quality or material type (surface quality, tolerances)
the price of inserts depends on the complexity level of plastic parts, required tolerances as well as process parameters
in case of moving the production to a different plant, clients receive the insert documentation only