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SLA Technology

SLA technology (Stereolithography apparatus) is one of the first rapid prototyping technologies. SLA machine builds parts by selectively curing UV sensitive resin inside a vat so that the prototype “grows” layer by layer until the last slice is cured. After postcuring process support structures are mechanically removed and the part is sanded on surfaces where support structures were touching model.

SLA offers prototyping of large and small parts from the variety of acrylic and epoxy resins which mimic properties of popular rigid thermoplastic resins.

Available materials

Poly1500 – Opaque white resin simulating properties of polypropylene. Very good ratio of quality and price. Serves for general prototyping with good dimensional stability.

Tusk XC2700W – Rigid resin simulating properties of ABS and PBT. It is water resistant and it is often used for modelling prototypes for aerodynamic and hydrodynamic testing.

Protogen White – General prototyping resin similar by properties to ABS. Opaque white color.