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PolyJet and PolyJet Matrix Technology

PolyJet (Polymer Jetting) and PolyJet Matrix technology is based on layer by layer 3D printing of selectively transferred UV cured resins. It allows to build high precision parts due to the ultra-thin layers of material (0,016-0,032mm) which gives models quite smooth surface. Parts can be made of rigid resins and flexible rubber like ones. PolyJet Matrix allows mixing of two different materials (rigid and flexible) within single build process so that multicomponent and multi-material parts can be created. It is actually the best prototyping method for over mould parts simulation where rigid and elastomeric materials need to be bound within single part. PJ parts can be finished by painting, varnishing and they are good pattern for silicon moulding.

PolyJet offers a variety of collared, transparent flexible and rigid, but also wide spectrum of more than 100 digital materials which are a mixture of basic resins.