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Mould Deformation Compensation

Compensation of plastic parts deformation in mould tooling

Deformation of plastic parts is caused by many factors, such as differences in volumetric shrinkage, uneven cooling or fiber orientation in the case of reinforced materials. It happens that geometry of a part is very demanding in terms of injection process parameters setup, so it is difficult to obtain correct parts.
In that case, the so-called counter-deformation is used. This involves the preparation of the geometry of the cavity in such a way that desired shape is achieved by part warpage.
The classic method of performing counter-deformation is a series of tests and improving mold step by step, which increases the implementation time and costs.
FADO uses simulation of the injection process to calculate the warpage of plastic part. With these data we can model pre-deformed shape which is used to design mould tool. This allows you to bypass the time-consuming step of tests during trials.
In order to perform the analysis of the deformation together with shape optimization, technological 3D model of part with runners, cooling system and full information about the material are required.